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​Twelve-year-old chef Zoey Kate's Fried Banana Fondue is delectable, her Maple Cinnamon Crab Fajitas once brought Anthony Bourdain to tears, and her Chocolate-Covered Pork Chops are so rich they have their own tax bracket! 

Zoey is the best cook in San Francisco, and she wants everyone to know it. So what's a young chef to do? Open up her own restaurant in an actual working trolley car, of course! 

The joint is called Zoeylicious, and along with her football-obsessed friend, Dallin, jazz-playing parents, Gerswhin and Valentine, and a burly biker/trolley driver named Knuckles, Zoey turns her restaurant into an instant megahit on the culinary scene. 

But there are people who see Zoey as a threat, and she'll have to use her quick wit and fearsome improvisational skills to overcome some seriously searing sabotage. Will Chef Zoey prevail? Sample this delectably funny adventure and find out.

Starring a precocious, larger-than-life character, lots of humor, fast-paced action, and mouthwatering foods, this cooking story is sure to appeal to young (and not so young) foodies everywhere.

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