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S'meesecake & A Boy Named Bradley

I received a wonderful email from an awesome young dude named Bradley, from New York:

I just finished reading your novel and had a few questions. First I want to know if Zoey Kate is a real person? Second I want to know, are you going to make another book? Third is Dallin Caraway a real person? I really enjoyed reading your book. Looking forward to hearing from you!

I happily wrote him back. Bradley had written from his mom's email account, so, appropriately, our correspondence went through her. Bradley's Mom said they'd be making the S'meesecake for a family BBQ.

S'mores + Cheesecake = S'meesecake. (Recipe included in my book, "The World's Greatest Chocolate-Covered Pork Chops.")

I asked for pics. They obliged.

Photos shared with permission.

My plan is to hitchhike to New York, run around the city shouting, "BRADLEY! BRADLEY'S MOM! IT'S ME, RYAN! YOU SAVED ME A PIECE OF CAKE, RIGHT?" and hope I find them before the S'meesecake goes bad.

New York's a pretty small town, so I should have no trouble finding them.

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