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Friday morning. Less Than Jake on Spotify.

Yesterday I spoke with Amy Goppert, my publicist at Disney-Hyperion. She's awesome. She's already doing loads of great stuff to promote my book. Remember my fears that no one would know I had a book out?


The book will be online (ebook) and in stores. Amy has sent or will send the book to hundreds of magazines, newspapers, blogs (etc) for potential reviews and articles. And Amy will be scheduling school visits. I look forward to all of it.

We'll do a book launch event at the Provo Library in Utah at the end of June. We're gonna go big. I'm gonna have live music, food, balloons, face painting, etc. It'll be an event. The planning will provide a constructive outlet for my nervous energy.

On another note, I finished my second book! It's a mystery for middle grade readers. Feedback thus far has been good. The book is in the hands of my agent, who will read and reply in the next few weeks. I'm anxious for her feedback. I'll share more details on the story when I can.

Until then, take care and eat lots of cake.

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